Ardglass Ireland

Ardglass (from Irish Ard Ghlais, which means “green height”) [2] is a coastal fishing village, townland (321 acres) and civil parish in County Down, Northern Ireland, in the historic barony of Lecale Lower. [3] It is still a relatively important fishing port. It is located on the B1 Ardglass Road in Downpatrick, about 6 miles (11 kilometers) southeast of Downpatrick, in the Lecale Peninsula on the Irish Sea. It had 1,668 people in the 2001 census and is in the Down district council area.

The Village is a shuttle hub for workers from Downpatrick and Belfast, a resort and local service center offering housing and a variety of shops and services primarily concentrated at Castle Place, Quay Street, Kildare Street and Bath Street. A conservation area was designated at Ardglass in 1996, centered on its street configuration in the early 19th century. The village has eight archaeological sites in the area and two others nearby. There are a number of listed properties located on Castle Place, Kildare Street and The Crescent. St. Nicholas Church, the King’s Castle, Ardglass Castle, Isabella Tower, the derelict train station, the North Pier and the indoor docking station are also listed.

Place of interest

  • The Ardglass Marina, sometimes also known as Phennick Cove, has a capacity of about 80 boats and a deep water pool open 24 hours a day all year round. Strangford Lough lies six miles to the north.
  • Ardglass Golf Club is the local course. The Clubhouse was formerly known as Ardglass Castle and the building dates back to the 15th century. The course won an award in 2011 as the best link course in Ireland. The course record at the Ardglass Golf Club is 63.
  • Jordan’s Castle is a 15th century ruins tower and one of many in Ardglass, highlighting the city’s historic importance to the neighborhood. It can be found between Kildare and Quay Streets.
  • Isabella’s Tower, a madness built at the top of a hill by Aubrey de Vere Beauclerc in the 19th century as a gazebo for his invalid daughter.
  • Ardtole Church is a 15th century ruined church on the top of a hill overlooking the Irish Sea and the Isle of Man, 1.2 km north-east of Ardglass, on the grid of reference : J564382. [6]